Monday, 21 May 2012

Don't Touch Me! The Menopause Rap

Originally posted on 9 May 2012 on previous blog space:

Look what I found! I love this and reckon you will, too.

Now I admit that I haven't yet experienced any of the classic symptoms of menopause (hot flashes, dry vagina and other yummy can't-wait-to-experience-that kind of stuff) but I hope that when I do, I can deal with it as sassily as this woman does.  I think what I like most about it is that she's edgy and gorgeous, and a far cry from the sad crone depictions we usually see associated with menopause. You clearly don't want to muck this woman around, menopausal or not!


Comments from original post at old platform:

Would be interested to know whether you've started to look into any of the who/what/where/hows to get you through the symptoms of menopause. - Sparkle 9/5/2012
 Madame Menopause replied:
Not yet I haven't, mainly because the only symptom I've experienced so far is erratic periods. I don't think I can really blame my moods on perimenopause just yet either (tempting as it is!). I'm thinking I'll start to investigate them as symptoms occur. I'll be looking closely at HRT though I suspect and hope there will be improvements in it by the time I need it! Thanks for reading :)
Take a look at natural progesterone; it's been a revelation for me. It could also help with your periods, not sure about it working on the spouting hair although!  - Sparkle 9/5/12

Love this! Just the thing for all of us perimenopausal 48 year olds lol. - Mary-Jo 10/5/2012

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