Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Statistical Probability. Or, They're Watching Me.

It's a sad day indeed when you find yourself getting a little excited about receiving this sort of thing in the letterbox:

Why yes, Yes. I do.

Wait. What? It's about urinary incontinence? How did they know?

Ooh look! Free stuff!

Yep. I got a little bit excited about receiving four types of urinary incontinence pads.

Kill me now.


  1. I didnt get free stuff 'sniff'
    I want to know what happens when all those little indicator drops on the packet are full?
    Then again, maybe I dont.

    (psst, which ones are best?)

    1. At the moment I'm still looking at them prettily displayed like a tiny art installation. Eventually I will use them. Except for the one with wings. I've already expressed my distaste for wings. If I wanted wings, I wouldn't have them in my fecking undies!

      I admit I was quite taken with the indicator drops. I'm thinking that anything that had all drops coloured in would in fact be a nappy.


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